Swiss Fiduciaire

Swiss Fiduciaire


Swiss Fiduciaire companies (accounting, trustee and Swiss office provider services)

The difference between a Swiss Fiduciaire and an accounting firm in other countries (except Luxembourg) is that a Swiss Fiduciaire can perform many tasks above and beyond accounting for their clients.

Of course a Swiss Fiduciaire ensures compliant and correct bookkeeping, payroll services and annual reporting of the companies they serve.

Other services which a Swiss Fiduciaire provide include:

  • Company incorporation and management: this service is for individuals or companies who want to incorporate a company in Switzerland, for example if they have assets to be managed. These people and entities can entrust the task of incorporating their company in Switzerland and managing it to LPG Geneva, while still remaining shareholders. LPG Geneva, or one of its directors, will be the appointed manager or administrator of the entity which it manages;
  • Swiss office provider service: LPG Geneva offers a service to certain clients as a Swiss office provider, allowing these clients to use LPG headquarters as their Swiss office legal address for their corporate or holding headquarters;
  • The assignment of trustees and trust contracts: The establishment of a trust is a technique by which a client divests their assets and places them in the hands of a trustee (a Swiss accounting company like LPG Geneva, or even a Treuhand trust) who is then responsible for the conservation and management of these assets (as governed under the terms of a management contract) before the assets are finally handed over to a beneficiary. Swiss Fiduciaires meet the requirements of both competency and professional integrity to carry out these services.