LPG Geneva, Swiss accountants, can meet all your company's accounting needs.

Accounting projects often start with a chart of accounts adapted to the needs of the company. In Switzerland the chart of accounts which is most frequently implemented is the one designed by Professor Käfer.

Tasks performed by Swiss accountants include reporting your company's taxes and VAT filings. VAT filings must be performed quarterly according to Swiss law.

Annual reports must then be prepared (balance sheets, income statements, notes to financial statements). These reports not only deal with fiscal matters, but also with matters important to shareholders and partners, including the company’s ability to pay dividends. They also take into consideration the company’s relationship with third parties such as banks so as to determine the company’s ability to repay a loan.

Managing a company's accounting may also include complex accounting activities during the course of the financial year :

  • When management may have taken on an excess of liabilities over assets, the law requires that two accounting statements be carried out based on the accounting principles of going concern and liquidation. These permit a judge to determine if the company must be liquidated or not.
  • This would also be necessary if a company is in the process of a merger or other process.