Moving HQ to Switzerland: Swiss office providers

Moving HQ to Switzerland: Swiss office providers

Swiss company incorporation: Moving corporate headquarters to Switzerland

Getting started- finding your Swiss office headquarters

An important step in the process of Swiss company incorporation requires that the owners obtain a legal registered address for their Swiss company headquarters and a place to carry out operations (reception area, mail forwarding, use of office and meeting rooms).

Companies can of course attempt to rent an office as their corporate headquarters, however, a large demand for offices and a small supply makes this market very competitive. Foreign companies which are recent Swiss company incorporations are unable to show a financial statement, and therefore have difficulty renting until they have an established reputation.

LPG- a convenient solution

Fortunately, companies sometimes have another, sought-after solution: establishing Swiss company headquarters through the existing office of a professional already established in Switzerland. This professional (Swiss office provider) then takes on certain responsibilities on behalf of the company (mail forwarding, reception service, etc.), making it a convenient way to set up Switzerland company headquarters.

Although the services of a Swiss office provider are not strictly regulated by the state, a clearly written contract must be drawn up between the two companies. A contract including the duration the headquarters will be registered at the Swiss office provider's establishment, associated fees and services (mail forwarding, access to office space, work spaces, internet and phone service, etc.).

LPG Geneva offers clients a corporate headquarters service, allowing them to use LPG as their Swiss company's legal address. Clients who use LPG's Swiss company headquarters service may also use work stations, office spaces and meeting rooms with telephone and internet services.

Swiss office provider service

Using a professional service to establish your company's headquarters in Switzerland is a particularly attractive solution for:

  • Companies in the process of being launched or established;
  • Holding companies;
  • Companies who wish to separate their headquarters from their operations offices.

When LPG Geneva accepts a new client for its Swiss office provider service, a written contract is drawn up which must include:

  • The date of initiation of the company headquarters service in Switzerland
  • The duration that the company will remain in Switzerland at LPG's address (this can be indefinite)
  • The services to be provided by LPG Geneva (and also those which are not included)
  • Associated fees